EHSN – European Humanist Services Network

Making humanist ceremonies, existential care and other humanist services available for all Europeans

The European Humanist Services Network (EHSN) is not an organization, but a devoted partnership of 19 European member organizations of Humanists International who wish to make humanist services available for everyone who wants them.

Why are we doing this?
EHSN is an attempt to meet the ongoing secularization trend in Europe. Since most human beings affirm themselves through rites and ceremonies, we anticipate that one effect of the secularization process is an increased demand for our secular humanist services.

This leaves the humanist movement with an important task: Strengthen humanist organizations, work and collaborate to make high quality humanist services available for everyone who wants them. 

What are humanist services?

  • Humanist ceremonies like weddings, funerals, infant naming ceremonies and coming of age ceremonies (confirmation/jugendfeier)
  • Humanist existential care in the armed forces, hospitals, prisons, at university campuses and more
  • Humanist youth education to create a joint platform of knowledge and pedagogical best practices in the partner´s various youth-oriented activities (kindergartens, schools, camps, coming-of-age ceremonies etc).

Read more about our partnership and our sub-projects