EHSN – European Humanist Services Network

Sub-project: Humanist existential care

Humanist existential care deals with giving people emotional assistance through thoughtful and empathetic conversation. 

Our humanist existential carers are trained, professional conversation partners who can help people better understand and cope with their lives, a specific issue or predicament.  

Humanist existential carers typically work in hospitals, in the armed forces, in prisons or at university campuses. Here, they are often colleagues of chaplains and pastoral workers from other lifestance/faith communities.  

The objective of this sub-project is to develop Humanist existential care in Europe as a lifelong professional career with ample possibilities to advance academically and collaborate with an international network of colleagues. 



The sub-project is led by Lone Ree Milkær from the EHSN management team, and has a working group with the following representatives:

    • Liz Young, UK (NSPC)
    • Gaby Jacobs, The Netherlands (UvH)
    • Clare Elcombe-Webber, Humanists UK