EHSN – European Humanist Services Network

Sub-project: Humanist youth education and activities

Humanist organizations in Europe offer various forms of education in humanism and youth activities. The vision of this sub-project is to facilitate cooperation between humanist professionals in partner organizations, and create a joint platform of knowledge and exchange of didactic and pedagogical best practices.

This sub-project currently is exploring the following two tracks:

  1. Strengthening youth engagement in the humanist movement.
    Activities currently being developed:
    • Online seminars
    • Catalogue of ideas and best practices to engage more young people
  2. Exchange program for youth educators (confirmation, Jügendfeier, coming-of-age-activities)
    Activities currently being developed:
    • Exchange visits and seminars for educators in relevant EHSN partner organizations 


The sub-project is led by Troels Barkholdt-Spangsbo from the EHSN management team, and has a working group with the following representatives from our partner organizations:

    • Thomas Fehse, Germany
    • Andreas Larsen, Norway
    • Luke Donnellan, UK
    • Monica Belitoiu, Romania
    • James Buhagiar, Malta
    • Hristifor Gálity, Hungary
    • Maggie Bernreuther, Germany
    • Anita Häfner, Germany
    • Jillian Brennan, Ireland
    • Hanne Crauwels, Belgium
    • Isadora Lenaerts, Belgium
    • James Buhagiar, Malta
    • Peggy Strahl, Germany
    • Kamile Pudzemtye, Lithuania