EHSN – European Humanist Services Network

Youth activity online seminars 2024

The European Humanist Services Network (EHSN) would like to invite you to a series of online seminars each focused on a different theme related to Humanist Youth Education & Activities.

The webinars are coordinated by Peggy Strahl of the Dutch Humanistisch Verbond and are open to everyone involved in Humanist Youth work.

It is our hope that the webinars will be the starting point of an international network of people from various humanist organizations who work with various youth activities.

The webinars will consist of a short presentation from a partner organization in the EHSN where they will present their experiences and initiatives within the theme of the seminar.

Afterwards there will be ample time for discussion, sharing of experiences and thoughts on how to meet the challenges within the theme.

The first webinar will be held Friday the 31st of May 2024 from 11-13 Central European Time (Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin ++). 

The theme of the webinar is “What makes a youth activity a humanist activity?”. The presentation will be by Humanistisch Verbond and centered on their Young Humanist Camps in Berlin.

Feel free to share this invitation widely to other members of your organization and other relevant participants.

Do you want to join the seminars?
Send and email to Troels Barkholt-Spangsbo, our sub-project manager for youth education, and he will invite you. More EHSN contact info here

Webinar 131.5.202411 – 13 (CET)

What makes a youth activity a humanist activity

Presentation by Humanistisch Verbond

Webinar 228. 6.202411 – 13 (CET)

Political campaigning for young humanists

Presentation by Humanists UK

Webinar 313.9.202411 – 13 (CET)

The value of exchange programs for young humanists

Presentation by ASUR

Webinar 411.10.202411 – 13 (CET)

Establishing independent humanist youth organizations

Presentation by Human-Etisk Forbund